The Best Advertising Platforms for Divorce Lawyers

advertising platforms for divorce lawyers

Are you a divorce lawyer in need of advertising for your services? Thankfully, the internet is bursting with opportunities to reach clientele, but finding the best site can be overwhelming. Many sites promise to reach millions of potential clients, but it’s tough to identify the best channel for your needs.

Thanks to ever-changing digital advertising, divorce lawyers can find lists of sites and platforms where they can reach potential clients very quickly. However, considering all the options and making an actual decision on the right advertising platform is not the most straightforward task.

Here are five of the best advertising platforms for divorce lawyers: 

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a popular pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement platform with nearly two billion active monthly users. It’s a superb way to reach out to and get in front of potential clients for your divorce law firm. Many law firms and attorneys prefer it because it is a cost-effective way to get in front of potential clients cheaply.

The best part about Facebook is its target marketing so you can zero in on divorcees, people already in the process, or those going through custody issues. 

However, there is not as much urgency attached to Facebook searches. Thus, conversion may not be as high as a great Google Ads campaign, where searchers have a stronger intent to buy products or services.

2. Google Ads 

Google Ads are the typical PPC campaign to go for if you want to target serious buyers or customers. If you target long-tail keywords, you can reduce the amount of PPC costs and dip into a niche of the market nearing a buying or subscription decision.

These ads provide an option to pay to display your service offerings, advertisements, and more right there in the Google search results.

It’s an ideal platform because Google’s current search engine market share is over 90 percent. As such, this is a perfect place to start if you want to connect with people who need your services immediately. 

3. LinkedIn Ads

If you opt for a more affordable PPC option, try reaching out to the professionals in your industry through LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn is more of a professional platform. This may be the better platform to use if you’re trying to connect with other professionals or prospective clients in your industry.

However, you can’t use this platform if you’re not a part of the professional network on LinkedIn. Additionally, the lack of data targeting can be an issue, making it challenging to zero in on the right audience. 

4. Yelp

Yelp is a local business review platform and perhaps the best advertising platform for divorce lawyers in terms of SEO. This should be a vital part of your advertising strategy because it is the most effective and easy way to get your business online.

Yelp offers free services to attorneys, allowing them to create a business page for free. You can subsequently advertise your business on the platform (with Yelp Ads), which is a great way to start your online presence and garner more leads.

5. Become an Expert Blogger on Divorce Law

Many divorce lawyers are less enthusiastic about blogging, but those who do it well succeed in putting the internet marketing ball in motion. They also thrive in getting their website and blog posts indexed by Google. For example, a single blog post on real estate dissolutions was used to generate leads for several years.

Once your blog is up and running, your content can be used as fodder for PPC, email marketing, blogging, social media, and the like.

You can even start a video blog on YouTube to repurpose your blogs into videos to reach a wider audience, and potential quality leads. Sometimes, YouTube lead generation may be your best ROI on any online marketing tactic.


Digital advertising is not an easy game, with steadfast competition, shifting technology trends, and more. These platforms are solid options that can lead to a lot of success. 

You should hire an expert who has worked with other law firms to help you advertise your business, no matter what platform you choose to use. Getting good advice early on could help you build a more profitable business later.

Family Attorney SEO and our ad specialists will help you discover the best solutions for your business, whether you need a full-fledged family law marketing strategy or just a short-term promotion. Contact us today, and we can help you with advertising platforms for divorce lawyers.