Attorney Link Building: How To Get High Authority Links

attorney link building

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for becoming an authority in the legal world and being the first port of call for individuals and families needing legal assistance. However, SEO is multi-faceted, which means there are many different elements to focus on to ensure your business stands out. 

One such element is link building, which remains crucial for growth and success. If your law firm is not prioritizing link building, here are a few helpful tips for getting started. 

Write High-Quality Content

Writing content worthy of authority links is one of the first and most essential things to do. Take your time to consider what information people are looking for as potential clients, what you believe they want to know, and what stands out from other blog content. 

Personal content can help individuals resonate with you, while expert advice pieces answer commonly asked questions. Once you build up enough quality content, you can be in a much better position to request links from authority sites and enter into reciprocal relationships. 

Create Columns or Guest Posts

Many authoritative sites, such as news platforms, are always looking for new, exciting content their readers would be interested in clicking on. If you believe you’re a proficient writer, you may like to approach high-authority websites and offer your services as a column writer or guest poster. 

You may need to provide examples of your work, but writing content directly for a site with a link back to your own might be how you begin building up your authority links in earnest. 

Provide an Image Library

Businesses and individuals are always looking for photos they can show alongside their content or in their web design. Rather than paying for them, they can visit stock photo websites that offer free images. The catch is that if people want to use the photos, they must link to where they received them. 

You may be able to build up authority links by taking photos with a high-quality camera or smartphone or hiring a photographer. You can then create a library of images you make available to the general public to use in exchange for photo credit. 

Identify Good and Bad Sites

When you’re trying to obtain high authority links as part of your marketing and SEO plan, it’s important to understand ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sites for this goal. Some websites appear authoritative but are overloaded with garbage links. 

Some of the most apparent signs of a bad site include an imbalanced ratio of content to ads, high link-to-content ratios, and links to dubious sites like medication and gambling. 

Connect With Education and Government Sites

Among the many highly regarded authority sites are those with .edu and .gov site addresses. While link building with educational facilities and government departments isn’t always accessible, some do provide opportunities. 

You may be able to increase your chances of receiving links on such sites by sponsoring causes, donating to their charities, becoming a guest speaker at events, and writing professional reviews about their products and services. 

High authority links can be how you build your law firm’s online reputation and see it grow from strength to strength. If you haven’t already created an SEO plan, now might be the right time to analyze your link-building practices.