A Guide to Content Marketing for Law Firms (2022)

content marketing for lawyers

In an age where 96% of people seek law firms via search engines, online presence is increasingly fundamental to competitive legal practices. This is something that has long led attorneys and law offices to implement websites and take tentative steps toward social media. However, as digital competition continues to evolve, content marketing for law firms is an essential next step in ensuring that informed consumers can find you and that your online efforts stand to create entirely new lines of interest. 

This is especially true as studies reveal that content marketing has the potential to generate triple the amount of interest that you are already achieving through your other marketing efforts, all at significantly less cost. However, in an industry that still relies on developing the right professional standing, rushed or ill-thought content strategies could do more harm than good, meaning that you need to make sure you understand the full intricacies of content marketing for law firms done well. This guide considers precisely what that looks like and how you can create content marketing work for your legal business.

What Is Content Marketing?

Though most of us are vaguely familiar with the term, an in-depth understanding of what content marketing involves is crucial before you can choose the right solution. Generally speaking, content marketing is a form of marketing that utilizes free and informative online content aimed toward specific audiences in mind of either growing awareness or encouraging investment into your services. 

This can be achieved through a wide range of solutions, which most often include blog posts, eBooks, videos, and even website landing pages. In each instance, content is generally created using keywords tailored towards specific locations, services, or more in the hopes of ensuring search engine optimizations (SEO) that significantly increase online visibility. However, to be truly successful, content must use these keywords with the context in mind and should ultimately seek to inform consumers, thus offering value that increases the chances of consumer trust and ultimate conversion.

Why Is Content Marketing For Law Firms Important?

In large part, content marketing for law firms is essential for the same reasons that any other company now invests in this pursuit, with benefits including:

  • Lead generation
  • Increased website authority
  • Backlink generation
  • Growing referral networks
  • And more

However, there are specific benefits to content within a legal sphere, especially when that content is carefully tailored with audiences in mind. The ability to position yourself as a trustworthy market leader using well-researched statistics and opinions can help instill client confidence. Equally, growing your community can help you to achieve the intimacy and trust necessary to ensure that clients are more likely to choose your services over a law firm that doesn’t offer this same intimacy. 

What Content Should Law Firms Create? 

The need to retain a professional and trusted reputation poses unique challenges to content creation for law firms. Overly familiar or casual content creation can certainly damage reputations and compromise client trust, which is why it’s also essential to consider the best types of content for your needs. 

Admittedly, the answer to this question depends on your services and overall intentions for creating content in the first place. It isn’t always possible to state the right solution. Instead, it’s vital to settle on the right content for you by considering crucial elements, including:

  • Target audience
  • Brand Narrative
  • Services provided
  • Unique selling points
  • Company values
  • Purpose of content

It may be, for instance, that you’re attempting to appeal to audiences who have never sought legal counsel before, meaning that an easily digestible form of content such as video may be best. By comparison, divorce attorneys aim services toward a more mature and informed audience that may be better served by long-form content that proves industry knowledge. 

In each instance, keywords are fundamental to ensuring content relevance and the chances of appealing to the right people in mind the above considerations. Relevant keywords can be easily found using free online tools or simple competitor research. They should be used naturally and sparingly to ensure that great content serves you in the ways you intended. 

The Best Ways To Promote Content Marketing For Law Firms

Content creation is undeniably essential for law firms hoping to expand client rosters, but the content is no good to anyone if it remains unfound. Unfortunately, even keyword placements aren’t always enough to ensure visibility, which is why it’s also essential to consider specific content promotion strategies, including:

1. Social Media

Likes and shares don’t necessarily impact SEO, but sharing your content on an already-established social platform, with the help of hashtags that provide yet more opportunities to be found, is guaranteed to make a difference. Prioritizing shareable post formats like image and video can significantly help to boost interest and your industry standing as a result.

2. Email Marketing

Sending well-timed content directly to the inboxes of an email list consisting of both past clients and already-interested prospects can be a great way to ensure content conversions. Furthermore, the personal element of well-written emails means that those consumers will feel closer to your company and thus more likely to pass the message along.

3. Collaborations

Collaborations with non-competing companies that tie in with your services, such as support groups and lifestyle bloggers, are another excellent promotion strategy that allows you to tap directly into an already trusting but entirely new-to-you audience base with a pre-existing interest in the services you offer.

See The Value Of Content Marketing For Law Firms For Yourself

As professionals in the legal field, the opportunity to position ourselves as trusted thought leaders is crucial for attracting attention and reassuring existing clients. Informed, thoughtful content provides a far-reaching way to achieve that at a lot less expensive than you’re likely to spend on less effective strategies. In other words, content marketing done right is the future of finding your footing in this otherwise competitive field, and you need to make space for it in your marketing focuses! 

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