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The digital marketing landscape changes and evolves with time. But the fact is that the tried and true techniques do not die. While investing in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and other context-specific hubs can provide substantial results, one particular age-old method can still be an excellent tool in your marketing arsenal.

That method is e-mail marketing. 

You might be surprised to hear that e-mail marketing is one technique you should turn to in this modern day and age. The E-mail came out over twenty years ago, does it genuinely provide significant value to my family lawyer business? Why, yes, it can help to boost your family lawyer business.

 E-mail marketing is as reliable and robust today as it was in the past. Why? It’s because you are prone to check your e-mail regularly, sometimes daily, for important credit information, finding divorce and family lawyers, retail promotional offers, and even job opportunities. Yes, e-mail marketing for family lawyers will work even today in 2020 because we still turn to our e-mails for various reasons.

Digital marketing experts continue to preach the value of e-mail marketing because they realize that those who invest time in e-mail marketing can build an audience, refine messages, and have a regular effective channel to turn to communicate with a crafted audience.

The main reasons you would employ e-mail as a compelling option for your marketing are to use the primary communication medium, have an owned digital property, and turn to an option that works wonders in conversion.

Let’s learn more about e-mail marketing and how it can be a boon to family and divorce lawyers.

E-mail Marketing For Divorce & Family Lawyers

Whether you are a single partner divorce lawyer or mid-scale family law firm, you require a constant stream of steady business. 

But the truth is that this sector is yet another area with a slew of competitors. By definition, you must differentiate yourself and find the right audience. You cannot do the same strategies as the rest of the crowd if you seek to survive.

It can be even more challenging if you use traditional strategies to maximize your business’s value.

You can only succeed if you use the right tools, present the right messages, and make it clear that you are there for your clients.

That is where e-mail marketing comes into the picture and helps you to increase your outreach capabilities.

To genuinely understand e-mail marketing for family lawyers, one must understand the concept of e-mail marketing.

What is e-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing is one segment of digital marketing that employs the use of targeted e-mails to your customized segment to gain and build a highly engaged audience.

The core idea with e-mail marketing is to take time, build a brand that provides value, and grow your highly qualified base of leads.

The correct marketing e-mail can help customers understand and trust your family law and divorce practice, nudging them to turn to you in their times of need.

The correct e-mail marketer will have several goals in mind. The first is to nurture an e-mail list of valuable customers. The second is to create emails that would encourage the e-mail list to open e-mails. Finally, the third objective is to convert your audience into clients over time.

The first step of growing your e-mail list is quite essential in this process. You want to strategize with your team or digital marketing partner to realize your goals. Further, you would like to make sure to understand your unique offering to the market. The next step is to identify the type of audience you want to reach and how to source their emails.

Afterward, you would need one fantastic offer that would attract people to your site; most in the marketing industry call this a lead magnet.

A lead magnet will draw people and entice them to provide you with their e-mail addresses. The lead magnet can be an e-book, a guide, a webinar, or other informational pieces that give them value.

People will input their information into your simple form to receive the lead magnet material. Now, it is crucial to offer relevant material tied to your business. You want to provide them with information that helps them but will tie back to your services.

After this process, you want to use effective e-mail providers that will seamlessly send your emails.

Then there’s e-mail segmentation, refining your open rates, and writing compelling content that will keep users coming back. You have the option of embedding trigger emails and tagging visitors for follow-up. 

Finally, there are other components, such as optimizing for mobile too!

That is merely a summary of what email marketing is at the current moment. 

Now, let us find out how this process can help your family law firm.

How Does Email Marketing Help Your Family Law Firm?

Email marketing for family lawyers can be beneficial in a multitude of ways. 

The primary compelling aspect of email marketing is it promises new and repeat business. 

Second, family law firms appreciate that email is also a low-cost option and has a higher chance of bringing significant results.

Third, the marketing medium tends to be quite effective in reaching specific audiences if you implement it correctly. 

Fourth, it is a property you own and is quite valuable for your family law business. It won’t require you to change your tactics as frequently as social media platforms might.

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