Facebook for Lawyers: Start Using It Now

facebook for lawyers

Facebook for lawyers? The popular social media platform Facebook can provide your law firm many benefits. But, not every lawyer has the time or skills to manage one social media page, let alone three or four.

Lawyers unable to keep up with current technology trends will struggle to survive in today’s digital world. Therefore, your firm needs an effective digital marketing strategy to succeed. Of course, creating a marketing campaign is easier said than done. Luckily, we can help.

Facebook for Lawyers: Social Media Marketing for Law Firms 101

At Family Attorney SEO, we have ten years of experience in the digital marketing and legal industry. We work with family law and divorce lawyers, providing services like:

With our skills, experience, and hard work, we will strengthen your firm’s brand identity and online presence. Our methods will help you build trust among your target audience, gain more leads, and convert visitors.

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Legal Marketing on Facebook

Many lawyers do not know the many benefits they can gain from using a social platform like Facebook. A Facebook page is a powerful resource for generating leads and new clients.

According to Statista, there are 2.91 billion active Facebook users, making it the most popular platform worldwide. It keeps growing, too, with more people joining every day.

If you thought building a landing page was hard, wait until you try creating social media posts. Luckily, our digital marketing team is here to do the hard work for you and help you succeed. Keep reading to learn how Facebook can benefit your firm and help you drive more business.

How Can Facebook Benefit Your Law Firm’s Business?

Cost-Effective Ads

Facebook ads can be cheaper than other ad types, like TV. Your firm can set a budget, then choose one of two Facebook ad campaign options: lifetime or daily. Plus, Facebook’s reporting, remarketing, testing, and targeting methods for ads are very effective, cutting down on costs even more.

Generate More Leads

A growing practice needs a steady stream of leads. Facebook advertising is a great way to promote your legal services to more people, including your target audience. Once you have the leads, you can convert them into clients. Our experts will build your firm a marketing plan that combines Facebook ads and other methods—like PPC and SEO—to deliver maximum results.

Connect with Clients

Facebook lets you connect and engage with existing clientele, potential clients, and the legal community at large. You can answer legal questions, respond to comments from interested parties, and build relationships with people. In doing so, you position your firm as an expert and build trust among your client base.

Precise Targeting

Facebook ads let you target people with precision. You can create ads based on different factors, like:

  • User behavior
  • Interests
  • Demographics
  • Location

If you are unsure where to start, our team will help you create ad campaigns for your target market. Reaching the right audience increases your chances of a click-through or call from a potential client.

Tips and Ideas for Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

Facebook ads are a great way to connect with more people and improve your marketing strategy. However, there is more to using Facebook than just advertising. We asked our ads manager to make a “Facebook for lawyers” list with tips and ideas that firms can use to improve their pages. Here are the top three.

1) Content Is King

If you want to attract new leads, your firm’s Facebook posts must be helpful, engaging, and relevant. For example, you need more than just one blog post a month. Instead, try updating old content, sharing legal news, or linking to your law blog. The better your Facebook content, the more visitors you will get.

Are you all out of good ideas? If so, look at the Facebook page of local competitors and other firms in your practice area. See what their Facebook ads look like, the type of content they post, and how they promote their legal service. Of course, you should never copy. But, there is no law against finding inspiration!

2) Respond Quickly to Comments

Always respond quickly to direct messages and comments. By doing so, you build your firm’s reputation and improve the experience for page visitors. Plus, Facebook pages show the average response time for businesses. Taking too long to respond creates a poor image of your law firm. A study by Facebook found that 66% of people feel more confident about a business when they can send a direct message to the owner.

3) Promote Your Firm’s Best Assets

A social media page must have correct contact information and feature your firm’s best assets front and center. For example, did you win an award for your pro bono work? Did the local paper recognize your firm for sponsoring a little league team? Perhaps you volunteer at an animal shelter on the weekends. Share, share, share! Be sure not to spam or post useless, unhelpful content.

Sharing your firm’s good deeds and celebrating its awards builds trust and a positive reputation. One quick warning—use common sense when you post content. Remember, your law firm is a business first, and your page should be professional.

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