Investing In SEO for Family Law Practices: 4 Tips

investing in seo

Marketing a family law company has a unique set of difficulties compared to other fields of law. The marketing strategy for divorce attorneys differs from that used in other practice areas, such as personal injury, commercial law, or criminal defense.

A family law company website will undoubtedly miss out on possibilities to turn prospective clients into customers if it does not rank well enough in Google’s search engine result rankings.

A family law business must have a robust online presence to improve its image and broaden its clientele. In this article, we have listed relevant tips you can use by investing in  SEO as a family law practice.

1. Creating Relevant Content

A family law business should invest in developing extensive, pertinent material about its practice on its website. Blog posts should be detailed and specialized in their content to exude authority.

Include many practice pages rather than just one practice area page with a summary of the business’s specialties. Examine each element of your family law practice on a separate page. It helps include a different page on divorce, child support, spousal support, child custody, asset distribution, etc. 

Pages on paternity actions, company value, mediations, contentious divorces, ownership, uncontested divorces, etc., are available if you want to elaborate more.

A family law website with more targeted pages will rank higher on Google for targeted terms. If all the case types your business handles are included on a single page, you won’t rank for any particular terms.

Create blog entries to address common FAQs in addition to practice pages. What customers ask you during intakes might provide you with ideas for blog post questions to address. A family law website will become a valuable resource for visitors due to the library of educational information these blog articles will create.

2. Budget for Google AdWords or PPC

It may be wise to spend some money on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or Google AdWords. This involves advertising in Google searches so that your firm’s website appears when a potential customer searches your neighborhood for a divorce or family lawyer. They’ll click on it, then dial the number to schedule a consultation.

When configured correctly, Google AdWords will quickly start generating phone calls from prospective customers who urgently require a divorce attorney for your family law practice.

Compared to a longer-term marketing technique like search engine optimization, which may take some time to show results, it offers a speedier return on investment.

3. Optimizing for Mobile

Most people obtain information from the internet via smartphones and other mobile devices with internet connection. Therefore, a website for family law will likely be accessed by a large percentage of customers using mobile devices.

Spend money on mobile search engine optimization for your family law website. On a mobile device, the web information should be just as simple to scan and read as it is on a computer screen. 

4. Links from Reputable Websites

Creating links to your website from other websites is known as link building. Google’s algorithm strongly favors the amount and quality of links that lead to a website from other websites.

This is essential for family law SEO as it gives Google the impression that the website is high-quality and reputable. As a result, the website appears higher in search results.

A single link from a reliable site that Google values highly is worth far more than many links from low-quality websites.


A website for a family law firm will not get anywhere without a strong SEO foundation. Investing in SEO is crucial to your success. It must have quality pages and blog posts that provide the client with valuable material. With the help of links from other relevant websites, it can maximize its relevance with Google’s search algorithms.

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