3 Law Firm Advertising Ideas That Generate Quality Leads

law firm advertising ideas

Advertising strategies for law firms are changing with the times. It’s no longer enough to rely on referrals and billboards to bring in a consistent stream of clients. The clients of today are expecting more targeted appeals for their business. 


While SEO continues to be an effective way to reach new customers, there are other efficient advertising campaigns that can work for your law firm. Using the latest technology, your firm can harness the power of the web to bring in higher-quality leads.


Using a backlinking profile along with localized targeting, law firms can reach out to the people in their own community and bring them on as clients. Let’s take a look at a few law firm advertising ideas that generate quality leads.




Geofencing works by choosing a specified area like a hospital or high-traffic commercial area and creating a virtual fence around a set perimeter. 


For example, let’s say you choose a hospital as your geo-area and your perimeter fence would be anything outside of that area up to 500 feet. Once anyone crosses your virtual fence, they have a marketing text automatically sent to their smart device. This method is especially effective for personal injury firms that are looking to draw in clients that have been injured. Your geofencing advertising budget will depend on the size of the geofence that you want to create.


Native Advertising


If your firm is looking for a more subtle way to reach out to customers, you can’t go wrong with native advertising. This indirect type of advertising campaign is a great way to provide clients with useful information while drawing them towards your firm. You can use “in-feed” ads across social media platforms, create search and promotion listings that show up at the top of an engine feed, or sponsor a post that will help your firm to showcase its social involvement while tackling the big legal issues. 


Native advertising is one of the best ways to create brand trust and loyalty as you are putting your knowledge and expertise on the line for your customers. The cost of this style of stealth campaign will range by the size of the publication that you choose to work with. 


Digital Audio


People are listening to a wide range of digital audio programming today. From sports and leisure podcasts to their favorite oldies tunes radio stations, you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone who is plugged into their earbuds listening. Law firms can take advantage of this trend with digital audio advertising. Through this style of campaign, firms can make a clearer emotional connection with their listeners. Digital audio listeners are often dedicated and distraction-free making them the perfect potential clients. 


The music platform Spotify claims that its audio ads are 60% more effective than online banner ads on a website. This power to reach out to potential clients is one that should be harnessed. Your choice of platforms, whether it be a national radio station or a local podcast, will be the determining factor in the cost of this style of an effective marketing campaign.


Law firm advertising is no longer as simple and easy as putting your face on a billboard and hoping that clients call your 1-800 number. You need to get creative and take advantage of innovative technologies to help you expand your brand’s trust and reach.

We can help your firm implement these law firm advertising ideas including SEO, PPC, Reputation Management, and E-mail Marketing.