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Family law matters are challenging, nuanced, and intricate with many details. These matters have a mixture of logic and emotion, stress and relief, and finally, resolution. 

A family law professional must make sure to portray an assuring presence while indicating that you can get the job done. Your website must serve as an information hub that meets your present and future client’s needs while providing peace of mind during troubling times.

We at Family Attorney understand your needs and requirements. With over five years of experience in working with law firms, we make sure to pay attention to your future clients’ needs. As such, we create the right family law websites that give your clients the peace of mind to turn to you for family law assistance.

We realize that effective family law sites require compelling visuals, robust written communication, and consistent informational content that speaks to your users. Effective website design requires a dynamic approach to yield the right results.

Here’s what you need to know about family law website design and development for your legal business.

Website Design and Development for Divorce & Family Lawyers

"Helpful website design and development partners will make sure to understand your needs and create a powerful website that elegantly conveys your story, promotes your brand, and connects with your specific audience.

At the end of the day, it is all about building around your customers and their needs. As such, you want to ensure that you are focusing on a few critical attributes of your website, the presentation, and the technical layer.

The presentation layer is the part that your potential family law client will see. In this part of the process, you want to ensure that potential clients can immediately understand what you offer, how you are different, and why you matter to them over your competition. Here, you will want to ask questions such as “how do I make it as simple as possible for users to navigate through the layout and design of my family law website design?” and “is there any way I can improve my website to improve conversions.”

Recall that users want to quickly see specific information and realize the right services to help them in their time of need. They don’t want to spend too much time looking into your services. No, clients wish to answer and solutions.

That is why clean copy, proper formatting, strong headings, and seamless reading make a big difference in the presentation layer. While these aspects may seem simple or basic, many firms and companies forget about them and lose potential business. 

The next component is the technical layer. It is technical because it is all about making sure to optimize your site to find favor in the eyes of Google and other search engines. You want your family law site to organically rank in Google and have the ability to be one of the first results when potential clients search for “family lawyers near me.”

But that’s not all; technical aspects include site speed, mobile optimization, and other elements that help users quickly navigate your site and find the information they are looking for at that time.

Make Your Family Law Website Standout

How can you stand out during the family law website design process? The idea here would be to understand your user behavior and create a website that is in line with their behavior.

Research indicates that family law attorneys can make their website stand out by ensuring a holistic color theme, a clean logo, and simple but powerful branding. As such, you want to have a color layout that presents a professional image that your client expects from a family law firm. 

Now, that you know your competition, you must understand what makes their customers tick and present a strong brand that lets potential family law clients think about you first. They should recall your brand and information for specific reasons.

One critical point here is to shy away from the effective use of stock photos. A high-touch sector, such as family law, calls for customized, tailored, and compelling images representing you and your partners.

Remember that standing out focuses on how you differ from your competitors and create better legal experiences for your customers. As such, every single aspect of your website should revolve around that core principle to stand out. Your family law website design tells a story. You want to ensure that it is the one that resonates with your clients.

Best Practices

General best practices for a compelling website are mentioned above, but here is one often neglected method for family law websites.

One of the best practices in family law website design is to present a compelling case about yourself and how you fit into your prospective clients’ lives. For instance, family law is more at high touch than other professions as you deal with family matters. While awards and other accolades matter in the corporate realm, you, your character, and your personality matter in the family law domain.

That is why you must present an evocative biography that lets your clients genuinely understand how you have helped others in the past and seek to do so because you care about them and their legal needs.

Research indicates that prospective clients spend a lot of time on the “About Us” section of a Family Law Firm website. The biography and the narrative present there might be just what your prospective clients need to give you a call.

From photos to videos and reassuring text, the more focused you are on telling your clients why you are uniquely better for them, the higher chances that you can work with them.

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